Amit Lamba , Vastu Consultant ,  Mumbai, Vastu Shastra , Remedial Vastu , Vastu remedies , Vastu Rectification , Vastu Free Tips , Bedroom Vastu , Kitchen Vastu , Office Vastu ,Amit Lamba , Vastu Consultant ,  Mumbai, Vastu Shastra , Remedial Vastu , Vastu remedies , Vastu Rectification , Vastu Free Tips , Bedroom Vastu , Kitchen Vastu , Office Vastu ,

Amit Lamba is n Expert Vastu Consultant Based in Mumbai has over the past 15 years of Vastu Shastra Practice has been consulting to Various Businessmen , Corporates or anyone who want to enhance the Quality of their Lives. He   has written more than a Thousand articles on the Topic of Vastu Shastra and Astro Numerology  in Various Leading news Papers and Magazines in Mumbai. 

Vastu Shastra is considered a Science of Environmental Harmony and Energy,  Vastu basically is Deals with various forces of nature involving the five elements wind, fire earth, water and air. Vastu teaches us how to maintain a Balance of these elements at our Property and help positively  influence peoples lives..

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As per Vastu Shastra the two very important directions for Wealth & prosperity are EAST and NORTH.

  NORTH = This is the direction of abundant Wealth and riches. LORD KUBER is the Lord of this direction. He is considered the treasurer of Gods. Keeping Cash at Home or Having the Office Safe in the North direction is very auspicious and helps to generate more wealth.

  EAST = SUN the source of our Energy Rises from the east direction therefore this direction is considered the direction of prosperity and Victory. Lord INDRA The Supreme God Rules this direction and he is considered to be the giver of Prosperity. It is a common practice to sit and pray in the east to the sun as it brings happiness and prosperity to our lives Also, Sitting or Working Facing the east in the Office or Homes brings more prosperity to our lives.

With the proper Application of the Rules of  Vastu Shastra at Home or Office A Person feels that the house Gets all the positive aspects of the universe.  Vastu Shastra has been known to bring Good luck and success to a lots of people who follow Proper Rules of Vastu  Vastu Religiously and this certainly will bring luck and success to Everyone.

You can use Vastu Shastra to  develop more Positive  relationship among Family members . Vastu helps in creating internal peace & Harmony at Home  and it can also promote Positive relationships among Family members.


Amit Lamba , Vastu Consultant , Astro Numerologist, Mumbai, Vastu Shastra , Remedial Vastu , Vastu remedies , Vastu Rectification

Amit Lamba -A Top Vastu Consultant and Astro Numerologist is Based  Mumbai ( Bombay) , He is  the Leading and Among the Best Vastu Shastra Consultants in Mumbai.

He has over the years Advised  Thousands of Persons in Mumbai and all over India lead a Successful Vastu Compliant Life , with the Help of his Vastu Consultancy and Guidance.
Vastu is a Divine Science and Amit Lamba Believes that Its Can be Used Very Well to Enhance People Lives to Bring a Positive change in their lives .

Amit Lamba's has an  Immense and Deep Knowledge of Vastu Shastra  has helped to Positively change the lives of thousands of people by  successfully application of Vastu Shastra at peoples Homes , Offices and Factories of his clients all in Mumbai and  over India. 

Amit Lamba is One of the Best Vastu Expert Consultants Because of his  extraordinary and yet Simple way of Rectifying Vastu Defects which has  helped his clients Positively change their lives with the help of Remedial Vastu Shastra  without too much breakage of Infrastructure with his profound  Knowledge of Remedial Vastu Shastra and Vastu Remedies.

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The house is a mini universe and  in order to make sure that you are living in a positive environment Proper Application of Vastu is Necessary. A Vastu house will certainly be able to bring you a lot of luck and Positive  energy in the House or Office .


1) The Main Door of the House should open inside the room and not outside and also it should open in a Clock wise manner.
2) Bedrooms should be in South and West SIDE OF THE HOMES.
3) Keep cash and jewelry in the safe or locker which opens in the north.
4) Never put the poster of Mahabharata war scene, crow, owl or eagle in the House these are inauspicious.
5) Shoes and slippers should not be scattered all over the house, as this leads to conflicts among members..
6) Never Keep a Fish Tank in the Bedroom , Water affects the Mind and you may have problems sleeping or Concentrating .
7) Kitchen in the North-East affects the females in the House , they always suffer from some problem Health wise.
8) Kitchen is at the South-West direction affects the head of the family financially and Health wise.
9) Water Filter should always be in the North East or the North side of the Kitchen .
10) Never place any photographs to dead people in the pooja room.
11) One should never use pooja room for any other purpose.
12) images Like PANCH MUKHI HANUMAN & SHUB DRISHTI GANESH can be put on the main door to ward of negativity.

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Now Get Best and Complete Vastu Shastra Consultancy Guidance and Remedies for Homes , Offices , Factories , Restaurants etc  in Mumbai and all Over INDIA.

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Vishvakarma to develop a system of architecture for VastuVastu Shastra is a part of the Vedas and originates in the Yajur Veda under the section Stapatya Vidya, But the exact origins of VASTU are still debatable but as per the scriptures available it is probably dated around 4000-5000 B.C. Basic principlesof Vastu  and references are also found in the “Punanas”.

It is also said that Lord Brahma created the world and then appointed Vishvakarma to develop a system of architecture in order to provide harmony and bliss to the inhabitants. Vishvakarma then studied various factors like the solar –system, water, plantations, geographical topography, Shapes, Weights etc and initiated the science of VASTU SHASTRA.

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Vastu Shastra  can also be called the science of directions.

As per Vastu Shastra , There are 4 main directions EAST, WEST , NORTH & SOUTH and 4 sub-directions or the corners at which the main directions meet namely NORTH-EAST , NORTH-WEST SOUTH-EAST , SOUTH-WEST . Each main Direction has its own significance in vastu Shastra and the corner directions retain the characteristics of the two sides they join along with their own characteristics. Also As per my analysis the 4 sub directions have more importance that the main direction


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VASTU FREE TIPS FOR BEDROOM , FREE TIPS  KITCHEN ,FREE TIPS OFFICE , Bedroom Vastu , Kitchen Vastu , Office Vastu , Mumbai Vastu Shastra Consultant

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Vastu Pyramids are used very effectively in Rectifying Vastu Defects , Pyramids  are the source, which helps to energize and work as a channel for positive cosmic energy. Thus They help in enhancing energy flow, particularly in dull homes that lack proper energy.

People can Reduce the Vastu Defects and enhance their quality of life and energize their house with pyramids, But one work one caution This is only possible when done along with proper Knowledge of VASTU SHASTRA. ......READ MORE

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The population of the city of Mumbai has crossed the 1 crore mark, out of which about 55-60% of the population resides in hutments.

The city area is saturated and there are very little open spaces left presently for new construction. Therefore Mumbai is witnessing redevelopment frenzy where old and dilapidated buildings are re constructed with additional floors and more houses. This makeover is a Boon for the residents here as well as developers..........READ MORE


VASTU FREE TIPS FOR BEDROOM , FREE TIPS  KITCHEN ,FREE TIPS OFFICE , Bedroom Vastu , Kitchen Vastu , Office Vastu , Mumbai Vastu Shastra Consultant
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