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Who is Vastu Pursha

Vastu Purusha is the mystical and spiritual lord of a land where he lies with his face down. The picture given besides is a cosmic diagram of how Vastu purusha resides in every piece of land, House , Office or Factory , with his face down in the ground facing the North east.

The Picture of the VASTU PURUSHA symbolizes the following:

  • Head in the North East = Positive Thinking.
  • Lower Body in the southwest = Stability.
  • Navel in the Center = Awareness.
  • Hands in the North west And south east = Movement and Energy.

Story of Vastu Purusha as per Puranas

There is an interesting story in the MATSYA PURANA in which the birth of the Vastu Purusha is narrated. Vastu Purusha is , said to have been born from Lord Siva's perspiration, when the Lord was fighting the demon Andhakarusan.While fighting with the demon, Shiva was very much tired and began to sweat profusely. As a drop of Sweat fell on the ground A large dreadful being was born he was very hungry and started devouring everything and when the Demon was slain he ate him too then he prayed to lord Shiva to grant him a boon "Please permit me to eat away all the three worlds." He asked for and Lord Shiva said, "Let it be so." The devotee's joy knew no bounds. He got possession on all the three worlds and first he was ready to eat the terrestrial world. Then the celestial beings, Brahma, Vishnu and the demons (Rakshasas) also were terrified and caught hold of the devotee encircling him Forty-five celestial beings, out of whom 32 from without and 13 from within caught hold of him and threw him on the ground These celestial Beings laid force on his different limbs and Since then, he has been lying there surrounded by the celestial Beings . The gods granted him permission to eat offerings on grahpooja and also blessed him to punish thouse who do not respect him and his rules of VASTU SHASTRA and thus he was called "the God of Vastu or VASTU PURUSHA"

You will be known as VASTU PURUSHA , and you will be present in every piece of land . People will only be benefited if they abide by your principles and one constructing anything adverse o your principles will not experience bliss and prosperity from the House or office. Then the Vastu Purusha was quite satisfied. Since then the worship of Vastu-Purusha has been in vogue and it has become compulsory to start any construction activity.

Story of Vastu Purusha as per Puranas

Vastu Shastra is a part of treasured Vedas and originates in the Yajur Veda under the section Stapatya Vidya, although the exact origins of VASTU are still debatable but as per the scriptures available it is probably dated around 4000-5000 B.C. Basic principles and reference are also found in the "Punanas".

It is also said that Brahma created the world and then appointed Vishvakarma to develop a system of architecture in order to provide harmony and bliss to the inhabitants. Vishvakarma then studied various factors like the solar system, water, plantations, geographical topography, Shapes, Weights etc and initiated the science of VASTU SHASTRA.

As per the data available our sages know a lot about the universe and its geo-physical effect on humans along with the mysteries of the cosmos much before the western world discovered it. And based on this study on of these systems they discovered Vastu Shastra in order to provide the maximum benefits to people living therein.

As per our Ancient Books there are originally 18 teachers of VASTU SHASTRA they are :

  • 1) Brahma.
  • 2) Narada.
  • 3) Vishwakarma.
  • 4) Maya.
  • 5) Kumar
  • 6) Nandish.
  • 7) Bhashapati.
  • 8) Vishalaksha.
  • 9) Purandhara.
  • 10) Vasudev.
  • 11) Garg.
  • 12) Sukra.
  • 13) Anirudh.
  • 14) Atri.
  • 15) Shaunakh.
  • 16) Vashishta.
  • 17) Brigu.
  • 18) Nagnajita.

Also there is a mention of Vastu in the Ramayan that the entire city of Ayodhaya was designed by Manu a leading architect in those times based on the principles of VASTU SHASTRA.

Similarly there are references to Vastu in the Mahabharta too where houses for the kings were build as per this valued science. References of VASTU SHASTRA are found even the Buddhist literature where people were advised to consider Vastu in construction of Houses.

Even in the cities of Mohanjodaro and Harappa are based on Vastu Shastra.

The Aryans were the first to exploit the full potential of the Science of Vastu Shastra. When they occupied the India-subcontinent they fully understood the importance of our Vedas and gradually began to translate and compile the VEDAS and studied them to develop townships and houses according to the Vastu principles mentioned in the Atharvaveda and Yajur Veda.

Vastu Shastra, A science of Environmental Harmony and Energy, its mere mention creates a feeling of wonder and an air of inquisitiveness among people. Vastu Shastra, which was earlier considered as a archaic or a primitive science and was also regarded as a Luxury for the Wealthy few had now exploded and metamorphosed as mainstream thought, whereby most of the buyers of property as well as construction companies consider it extremely important to get the property assessed by a Experienced VASTU Professional in order to asses the strengths and weakness of the plot and also to get to know what energy the property can render to them in the long run.

Vastu basically is the interplay of various forces of nature involving the five elements earth, water, wind, fire and air. Vastu guides us as how to maintain equilibrium of these elements their influence on peoples lives.

Also from the above it is very much clear that VASTU SHASTRA is universal. It is not confined to any particular group of people or religion and is beneficial in the development of all human being irrespective of any caste, creed or religion.