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Application of Vastu principles becomes more important while planning a restaurant as it is important to prevent it from running into losses because of the problem with planning. You may face obstacles or invite troubles, if you do not plan your restaurant according to Vaastu Shastra. If Commercial projects like restaurants are constructed according to the Rules of Vastu They Run Profitably .

A restaurant constructed on the basis of principles of Vastu not only prospers in attracting customers but can earn goodwill as well.

  • A Restaurant Should always be  square or rectangle Shaped.
  • The main entrance of a restaurant should always be in east, north or north-eastern directions.
  • The storage room for a restaurant should be built in the south-west corner of the building.
  • AC plant should preferably be installed in the south-eastern corner.
  • Electrical equipments such as generator, transformer and The Kitchen of the Restaurant should be placed in the south-east Side of the Restaurant .
  • Its Best Recommended to have a Fish Tank / or a Similar Water Feature in the North East of the Restaurant . This Ensures all year round Prosperity .
  • Also Washbasin can also be in the north-eastern or the North  portion of the restaurant. 
  • The  placement of the kitchen of the Restaurant is of the Prime Importance and Its Only Allowed in the SOUTH EAST SIDE of the restaurant .
  • Its Best Recommended that the Cooks should face the East Side while cooking.
  • The staff at reception should sit facing North or the East Direction .
  • The North-east Side of the Restaurant should be kept clean and tidy to attract positive energy.
  • Toilets should be located in north-west or in the western direction of the restaurant.


  • Operation-theatre should be in the West, While lying on the stretcher, patient's head should be on the south side.
  • The doctor should operate facing East or North or west side but never to south side.
  • The slope of the flooring should be towards North, East or North-East sides.
  • The middle portion of the hospital should be open to the sky. In case of any roof the ventilated roof should be 2 ft. to 3 ft. higher than the top floor roof.
  • It should face the East possibly and the entry should be in the East or North-East.
  • An emergency case, or serious case should never be kept in the South-West corner room. Patient should be kept in North-West.
  • The racks for medical books and medicines should be in the South or West.
  • Parking should be done on the  North West / West  sides.
  • Drinking water should be kept in the North-East.
  • Cleaning, changing rooms, toilets should be on the South or West sides.
  •  Bathrooms should be on the East or North West  sides.
  • X-Ray room, Electrical equipment etc. should be in the South-East room.
  •  Cash counter should be in the South or West and should open towards the North or East.
  • Nurse's quarters should be in the South-East or North-West place to the Hospital.
  • Examining patients should be done in the North room. While sitting, the doctor should face the East or North.
  • Patient should lie down with head in the South or East. Never in the NORTH.
  • The patients rooms should be on the South and North-West.
  • Inquiry counter should be in the South-East and waiting room on the South side.
  • The Staircase should be in the West, South-West, South-East or North-West.