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Mr Amit Lamba among the top Vastu Shastra Expert in Chembur in Mumbai - Being Based in Chamber , He has Done Extensive VASTU Consultation and Guidance for a Number of Clients in Ghatkoper , Thane and Mulund Area over the Past more than 17 Years of his Practice in Mumbai .

Amit Lamba is a Personal Vastu Expert to Leading Businessmen / Corporate and Industrialists in Ghatkoper and Thane . He Consults n Ghatkoper / Thane and Mulund at least Once a Week.

Amit Lamba has also perfected the art of Vastu remedies and has successfully eliminated Vastu Defects in Homes Offices and Factories with the Help of Proper Gemstones Yantras , Crystals etc thus Helping his clients lead highly Successful and Prosperous Lives. After Assessment of any Property for the Vastu Defects , Mr Amit lamba Uses Simple and Inexpensive Vastu Remedies Like Vastu Yantras , Vastu Gemstones and Vastu Pyramids and many other Related Vastu Remedies thus helping people with fast Results and helping them lead prosperous lives. Amit Lamba Travels All Over Mumbai Navi Mumbai and Thane and All over India for Vastu Consultations .

Why Vastu is Important for Business ?

To Run any Business people have to establish shops / Offices at some suitable place in the cities . Thus The Role of Vastu Consultant Starts Before you Open the Shop or Office for Business , Vastu Plays a Very Important Role even The shop may be Purchased or a rented Shop or Office . For successful business it is necessary to build the shops or business organisations according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, and also the seating arrangement and settings inside the shops or offices be made according to the Roles of Vastu Shastra . I have Noticed that many times in the Past that inspite of hard work and many efforts many People suffer Losses in Business . Therefore, Vastu Rules should be kept in mind while organising a shop or a business concern, so that the probability of monetary profits and peace of mind will increase many folds

Vastu is Not only for Residences, Because Vastu Shops , Offices and commercial buildings also need to be designed according to vastu in order to get wealth and harmony and Prosperity in Business.

Vastu for Office / Shop - An office needs to be designed according to the vastu shastra for perfect balance and peace of mind. An office also needs to have certain fixed characteristics for getting maximum financial gains.

Simple Rules to Follow for Vastu of Office or Shop
  • As Per Vastu the Shop or Office Must be square or rectangular shaped for Best Results .
  • As Per Vastu entrance / Door of the office Office must be in East / North or North East direction this is Best as Per VASTU.
  • The Owner of the Office Shop Should Sit Facing East or North Directions for Proper Decision making capacity ,
  • The walls of the office should be painted in bright or light colours to spread positive vibes . Black and Blue Colors Should be Avoided in all forms in the Office or Shop .
  • If the office has a reception, it should be made in the north-east corner.
  • As Per Vastu , Toilets / Bathrooms should only be built in the West or North-western side.

For Complete Vastu Guidance for your Office or Shops in Ghatkoper Thane or Mulund Call Now = 9819015736 .