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VASTU SHASTRA Pyramid Yantra Remedies

We strongly believed that Vastu Shastra which is Science of Harmony is a promise to a Good life and prosperity. But Today when most of us live in Metropolis cities where buildings are constructed mostly without taking into consideration the Vastu Shastra Concept . Thus Over the Years I have Seen that Most of the House Nowadays are Not Vastu Compliant , Thus Leading to Problems in the lives of Persons living in those houses.

Vastu - dosha is a projected flaw or deficiency in the known characteristics of the eight directions as per the Science of Vastu Shastra.

Vastu remedies refer to the corrective measures that you can apply to turn the negativity into the positive energy. Vastu remedies help us to overcome the Vastu defects up to a Certain Extent .

VASTU SHASTRA Pyramid Yantra Remedies

Pyramids are among the largest man-made constructions created thousands of years ago and still stand tall as one of the greatest Wonders of the world.

Design of the Pyramid = In its most common form, a pyramid is a massive stone or brick structure with a square base and four sloping triangular sides that meet in a point at the top. The shape of the PYRAMID is such that all type of cosmic radiation falling towards it is Channelized & deflected downwards through the bottom of the Pyramid and when this radiation merges and unifies with the earths cosmic field a powerful positive energy is produced.

In the past our rishis were fully aware of the miraculous power of pyramid and were successfully using these in the forms of various yantras like the most powerful SHREE YANTRA and MERU CHAKRA which form the scientific angle are also a kind of PYRAMID. THE pyramid has been known from ancient times as a powerful design that connects to energy forces and its shape is identified with healing qualities


Vastu Pyramids are used very effectively in Vastu they are the source, which helps to energize and work as a channel for positive cosmic energy. They help in enhancing energy flow, particularly in dull homes that lack proper energy. People can enhance their quality of life and energize their house with pyramids, But one work one caution This is only possible when done along with proper VASTU.


  • Vastu Pyramids are effectively used to remove negative energy blocks and can be placed effectively in the missing corners in a home or office.
  • Placing Vastu pyramids in all the 4 corners of your room can energize the room by providing good energy flow which helps to transform your life positively and helps creates coordination and removes personal conflicts.
  • Having a Vastu pyramid on your office table can help remove negativity and channelize positive energy flow thus improving the ambience and providing growth and prosperity.
  • Vastu Pyramids energize water therefore water kept under pyramid is positively charged and helps digestion and relief from stomach problems.
  • Vastu Pyramids channelize positive energy flow, therefore meditating under a pyramid shape structure helps in meditation and concentration.
  • Any food products kept under a Vastu pyramid helps to keep it fresh for a longer period of time.
  • The spiritual powers of Vastu pyramids are beyond explanation. This has been world wide accepted that pyramid is a symbol for health and positive energy.

A Yantra is a symbolic representation of aspects of spirituality. A Vastu Yantra is A mystical diagram done usually on a Metal Plate. It is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures, typically circles, triangles and patterns that form fractal patterns of great elegance and beauty. Yantra' s are used for specific purposes, to enhance the quality of life, to attract prosperity and abundance, & to protect oneself from negative forces.

  • Vastu Yantra - Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra This is a very useful and beneficial Yantra. It combats all the bad influences & ill-effects of Vaastu defects existing in one's home or office.
  • As per Vastu there are certain Defects which are not easily rectified or Cured. The Vaastu Yantra helps to remove all inherent Vaastu faults and removes their ill-effects, and along with that also generates the positive & benefic effects of Vaastu Shastra.

Samporna Vastu Yantra - Vastu Shastra is a science which helps us to achieve material prosperity, mental peace, happiness and harmony at home and work place. Vastu harnesses the various energies present around us in a particular pattern so that they blend harmoniously with the person. Sampoorn Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra is designed specially to attain this objective. Sampoorna Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra consists of 13 yantras viz. Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra, Baglamukhi Yantra, Gayatri Yantra, Mahamrityunjaya Yantra, Mahakali Yantra, Vastu Mahayantra, Ketu Yantra, Rahu Yantra, Shani Yantra, Mangal Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Sri Yantra, Ganpati Yantra.

This Yantra helps to cure all inherent Vaastu faults and remove their ill-effects, but also generates the positive & benefic effects of Vaastu.The following yantras are included in this SAMPURNA VAASTU DOSH NIVARAN MAHAYANTRA.

The Sri Yantra - is one of the the most powerful and sacred symbol used in India since hundreds of years. "Sri" means Wealth and "Yantra" Means Instrument. Thus Sri Yantra Can also be termed as the instrument to Attract Wealth .

Sri Yantra is known to usher in great amount of positive Energy , prosperity and good luck. In the past our Kings and moguls were fully aware of the miraculous power of the Shree yantra and they used it to its optimum potential , Thus in the olden days India was considered as a Golden Pigeon because of the Tremendous amount of prosperity it Enjoyed.

We are surrounded by Energy, Energy which can be positive or negative. Many times we feel that, In spite of doing a lot of hard work, we are Not being able to achieve Success. Many persons come to me saying that In spite of doing every thing Possible for their families, they are constantly feel ALIENATED or Left Out. One Reason that I can Understand is that persons who are constantly suffering, are living in an Environment, which is filled with BAD energy thus not allowing them to realize or achieve their Dreams or Live Harmoniously in the Family.

It has been observed that when ever you Visit any temple or Places of Worship, You find peace and a sense of positive energy. The reasons behind them is that Most of the Places of Worship are Mostly designed as per VASTU and You will be Amazed to observe that the design of any Temple or place of Worship is Almost in the form of Shree Yantra i.e Flatted and Broad in the BOTTOM and Pointed Towards the TOP . ! ! .


Sri yanta Come in 3 Dimensional Spatic material and 2 Dimensional types in the form of Copper or Brass Plate "Sri-Yantra" is also considered as a Seat of Goddess Laxmi. The Goddess of Good fortune , Thus it is also said that Fortune Shines on the person worshiping the "Sri-Yantra".

Flat or 2-Dimensional "Sri-Mantra's are Most Auspicious in Copper Metal because Copper is Powerful conductor of Energy thus they give the best Results in Copper.

3-Dimensional "Sri-Yantra"'s are Best when they are in Spatic Crystals because Crystals are Natural products and have inbuilt energy and positive vibrations are Enhanced and the results are fast and better.

Thus we can conclude by saying that Every person irrespective of their caste and creed can very well Enhance the Quality of their lives with the Help of "Sri-Yantra".s. So please go ahead and Enjoy Prosperity and worldly Bliss with the power of "Sri-Yantra".s.

Anyone who wishes to buy an authentic "Sri-Yantra".s can contact me and also for certain Secret mantras and Procedures to Enhance the Power of "Sri-Yantra".s.


As per the Science of Vastu Shastra Water especially moving water , Brings prosperity and Good Luck. Moving water Activates Energy . Having a Water Near the Door activates the energies of the Door . ( If you Notice Most of the Successful offices / restaurants and Homes have a Fish tank , or a Water Fountain near the Door ) . THUS , bringing in more Prosperity through the Door.

Important Tips =

  • Always remember if you put a Water Fountain , The Direction of Water should always be inside the Home or Office
  • There Should be No Water Fountain or a Fish Tank in the Bedroom, This will Affect your Health very badly and also affect Sleep .
  • Best areas in any Home or Office to have your Water fountain are:
  • North Water in the North , brings in Better Career opportunities and Financial Growth.
  • EAST = Water in the East help you in terms of Health & Improve Family life

Some Vastu Shastra Defects and their effects

If you have any defect in your north east direction than the following results may be found:

  • Family Dispute.
  • Head of the Family or Earning Member Suffers throughout.
  • Disputes between Couples Divorce .
  • Incurable diseases are very common effect.
  • Money Earned Does not Stay Unexpected Expenses or losses.
  • Disputes Between Father and Son , Problems with the Elders in the family .

If you have any defect in your South West direction than following problems may occur :

  • Delay in marriage of any member of family
  • Instability of Career .
  • Members of the House may Suffer from Bad habits .
  • Children may be Problematic .
  • Family members will have to face disgrace Sorry.

If you have any defect in your South East Direction than following result may be found:

  • Unknown Fears Fear of Theft / Fire .
  • Disturb stomach or problem with legs
  • Disturb relation between husband & Wife.
  • Emotional Problems for ladies / Females living in the House.

If you have any defect in your north east direction than the following results may be found:

  • Bad relation with your neighbors .
  • Unnecessary legal problems and disputes.
  • Bad relation friends and relatives.
  • Mental problem like depression .
  • Un Necessary Travels .