Vastu Free Tips For Wealth and Abundance .

1) Cash Box / Locker – Placement of Locker as Per Vastu is Very Important as Locker Protects our Wealth . Thus as Per Vastu South West Side is the Best Placement for Locker or Cash Tijori and It Should Open Towards the North Direction.

2) Cash Box / Locker Should Never be Placed under a Beam as It Indicates Financial Stress .

3) Mirror Opposite the Cash Locker / Tojori is very Good Vastu as The Image of Locker Gets Reflected in the Mirror and Thus Symbolises Doubling of Wealth .

4) The Center of the House Should be Clutter Free and Clean as This is the Place of Brahma and is Called the Brahmasthan .

5) No Leaking Taps in the House , As Per Vastu Wastage of Water Leads to Wastage of Wealth Thus there Should be No Leaking Taps in the Kitchen or Toilet of the House.

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