Vastu Free Tips for Kitchen – Part 1

Vastu Free Tips for Kitchen – Part 1 

Having a Kitchen build as per Proper Vastu is Very important as Proper Kitchen Means Good Food and good food is every individuals requirements and any house which prepares good and delicious food keeps the family together.

 Good Food is very  vital for growth and prosperity as it is said that “ THOSE WHO EAT HEALTHY ,  THINK AND WORK HEALTHY” 

 Kitchen is a place where a lady spends her maximum time so it should have comfortable and fresh feeling. GOOD KITCHEN is the symbol of good health and prosperity. With so much significance attached to our Kitchen we must make sure that our Kitchen is de-cluttered and organized in a proper Manner as per Vastu.

What’s the best placement of the kitchen you may ask?  As per the principles of Vastu Kitchen is best in the South east corner of your House.

why?  SOUTH EAST is the “Agni kone” as per Vastu Kitchen is ruled by Agni  therefore Kitchen in the Agni Kone or the South east is best recommended .

Nowadays as I go to Visit newly constructed Homes I find the size of Kitchen is getting smaller and smaller compared to building constructed 10 / 15 yrs back moreover you will be very surprised to know that in the earlier days kitchen were as big as any other room as in those days people would live in joint families and the whole family would eat together on the kitchen floor and the kitchen were big enough to accommodate 12-15 people or even more at the same time.

Now coming back to the present we have to understand that the best way to make use of the small Kitchen we nowadays have is to get it organized first.

Do u need so much unwanted stuff or furniture in the kitchen. NO firstly get rid of all unwanted stuff . Do not stock the kitchen or the refrigerator full. Give it some space o breath. Have some beautiful flower vase or a Painting of a garden / or fruits / Vegetable in the Kitchen You can also Have a bowl of Fruits displayed in the Kitchen  this lifts up the energy level in the kitchen . Always keep the stove clean after the cooking is over Clean burners Symbolize good health.  Do not Cook with your back towards the DOOR of the kitchen and if its not possible to change the position. Remember to Hang a mirror so that you can see the door without moving.

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