Vastu Rules for Wall Clock as Per Vastu Shastra

There are Certain Vastu Rules for Wall clock as per vastu is what most of us don’t pay any attention at all. We usually hang the clocks wherever we’d find it comfortable to look at them. Not for a second we give a thought about whether that location (or position) of clock is correct or not. Having said that, I must tell you that as per vastu shastra there’re rules and regulations that you need to take care while positioning wall clocks in your home or office.

Vastu Tips for Wall Clock in House .

As Per Vastu Clock Plays an Important Role in the House . Thus Having a Correct Placement of Clock in the House is very Important .

There Should be No Broken or Inoperative Clocks in the House

All Wall Clocks Should be On East or North walls of the House.

East is the Direction of the Sun and Opertunities , Thus Clock on the East Wall Helps Attract Oppertunities .

Noth is the Direction of Kuber and Wealth Thus Clock on the North Walls Help Attract Wealth.

As Per Vastu and Feng Shui Pendulum clocks are Very Auspicious on the East Wall.

One Should Not Hang Clocks Above any Doors of the House .

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