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The Brahmastan –

Another significant element in a Vastu residence is the Brahamastan or central courtyard. In a grid of 9 x 9 it is the center nine units. It is the energy heart of the house. It is the lung of the house. This part of the house should always be left open and free of obstructing elements (pillars or walls) and mechanical services. It is best if this portion, at least, is directly in contact with the Earth. It is traditional, where climate permits, to leave the Brahmastan open to the sky so that the energetic space surrounding the Earth is attracted into the house. This provides the inmates of the house with beneficial spiritual energy.

Heavy objects like pillars, staircases, kitchen (fire place) in Brahmasthan disturb the equanimity and harmonization of vital elements in the house.

The energies coming from all directions converge at the center, be it a house or factory. These energies are essential for inhabitants of the house

Toilets and Bathroom should not be built at the centre of the house.
Kitchen at the center may have adverse effect on health.

If You want to enjoy riches, harmony and happiness, Brahmasthan should be left open and is free of obstructing objects.

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