Vastu Shastra Tips for Builders Construction Companies.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Builders Construction Companies.

Vastu Shastra a Science practiced over the ages is technically a science of Flow of Energy and a Science of Structures and Construction. The Chinese have been using almost a similar Science but with a Different name “ FENG – SHUI”

At the Start of Civilization, Vastu was intended to Serve Residences only as in earlier times, there were no INDUSTRIES or FACTORIES.  But as time progressed research was conducted and Vastu was devised for Industries too.

In Today’s Times, with Construction activities in full boom around India and the Prices of properties Skyrocketing, Vastu Plays a very Important Role for Architects and Builders as well as for the Buyers of Properties, Today the Stakes are Very High for the Builders and Construction Companies as each project Runs into Hundreds of Crores and any Small delay or Obstacle makes the project Expensive and Delayed.

Over the Years I have been consulted by Numerous Builders and Developers who have faced various Problems in competition of their projects and I have observed great deal of Similarity in the Vastu Defects which leads to Project delays and Losses.




I Have come across many cases , where the Builders start the construction well but overtime the projects run into Disputes and litigation . Some of My Observation of the vastu defects are as Follows.


OBSERVATION 1 : Any Plot of Land when divided into 2 halves or triangles  , with an imaginarily line cutting them into 2 halves from North-west to South-East  . The Sun Section should always be Lower compared to the Moon Section. As per my Observation Plots which have a HIGHER SUN Section generally fall into litigation and Thus leading to delays and losses.

 EXPLANATION : Vastu is mentioned is a science of Flow of Energy , And there is a certain flow of Active energy from the North East and a passive Energy in the South-West , And when they Interact in a proper manner they Emit force or Prana leading to a Positive Environment or Vibrations . Therefore a Lower Sun Section means less Earth and More Energy, thus leading to prosperity.

 OBSERVATION 2 =  The South west or the “ NAIRUDHI”  section is one of the Most important sections  of any  plot , which plays a prominent role in the Stability of any project .

Some of the South West Defects. Leading to Projects Delays are mentioned below .

As per My observation , Projects which are Started on Lands which has an Extended South-West Section  Most of the Times face Great deal of problems and delays Due to Workers Unrest and Delays and litigation are also caused due to the problems created by Local persons , living round the project. Who Create problems and Thus leading into Court cases, Delays  and Litigation.

Similarly Factories or Bungalows Being Constructed as Shown in the Picture , lead to the Same fate.

 OBSERVATION 2 = Water Bodies like  Ponds, Wells play a major Role in affecting the vastu of Any project .

Water Bodies in the South or South West is Extremely Bad .

Water Bodies as Shown in the Picture in the South-West of any Plot Also lead to litigation and Unavoidable and Needless Controversies for the Promoters of the Project.

Also if there is a Sewage Pipeline in the South or the West of Plot and Water is made to Exit from the SOUTH WEST of the Plot or the Building or a Factory , Creates a Bad Atmosphere for Work among the Promoters or partners leading to Infighting and Legal Disputes .

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WIND CHIMES = Wind chimes create positive sound waves. The Sound windcreated by the ringing of the wind chimes helps disperse negative or stagnant energy around the home or office . If you have a Clutter problem or there is to much stuff loaded in any one room, You can hang a wind chime to Lift up the energies in that room , The wind chime must be put in such a corner , where there is some wind so that it keeps on Ringing and you will feel positive energy in the Room in  a very Short period of time. Wind Chimes put in the North Section also Bring Better prospects and opportunities in a persons lives.  

WATER FOUNTAIN = As per the Science of Feng-Shui water especially moving water , Brings prosperity and Good Luck.  Moving water Activates “chi”  or More commonly , it is called ENERGY . Having a Water Near the waterDoor activates the energies of the Door .  ( If you Notice Most of the Successful offices / restaurants and Homes have a Fish tank , or a Water Fountain near the Door ) .  THUS , bringing in more Prosperity through the Door.

Important Tips = Always remember if you put a Water Fountain , The Direction of  Water should always be inside the Home or Office .There Should be No Water Fountain or a Fish Tank in the Bedroom, This will Affect your Health very badly and also affect Sleep .Best areas in any Home or Office  to have your Water  fountain are:

EAST  = Water in the East  help you in terms of  Health & Improve                   Family  Life .

SOUTH-EAST = Water in the South- East  brings in More Wealth .

NORTH = Water in the North  , brings in Better  Career opportunities.

crystal Ball
Vastu Crystal Ball

CRYSTALS : The word crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos, meaning “frozen light”. Crystals have been used over the centuries for a many  purposes – from healing to protection to decoration.

Crystals Attract and Give out Pure energy.  They can be used in the area of the house or Office , that lacks pure Energy. When sunlight strikes a crystal it gives out seven colors of the rainbow, this generates Pure energy , Crystals is very effective in the Relationship corner or the SOUTH WEST of your House to Charge up relationships .

Crystal Bowls are Also very effective cures .  Crystal Bowl’s filed with Salt water and some colored Stones when kept near the door attract Positive energy through the Door.

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Vastu Shastra Guidance for Factories and Industries by Amit Lamba

Vastu Shastra Guidance for Factories and Industries by Amit Lamba 

  • vastu-purushAs per the Rules of Vastu Shastra for Factories  Its Best Advised to have the main roads towards east, north or north-east of the Factory Plot.
  • As Per Vastu Shastra for Factories Main Gate or Door is best Advised to be in North-east or east or north or north-west Direction of the Plot.
  • As Per Vastu Guidance The South West Side of the Plot Should be Heaviest and One Must make Sure that Minimum space should be kept in south and west , If there is Extra Space Then One Must Plant big trees in the South West Side or South Side of the Plot.
  • As per the Rules of Vastu Shastra for Factories  , North East Side of the Plot Should be Very Light there should be more open space in the north and east where its Advisable to have a Small Garden or Mandir.
  • Floor Levels Play a Very Important Role in VASTU SHASTRA  , Thus One Should Note that The floor levels in south-west must be higher than other sides and height of the building also must be higher than all the other corners..
  • Its Best Advisable to have Car parking in the north-west side of the Factory .
  • Toilets are Best Placed in the north-west Section of the buildings, and not in north-east or south-west.
  • Its Very Auspicious to construct  wells, water sumps and  ponds etc  in the north-eastern area of the Plot.
  • Over head tanks are Best Suggested to be Erected in the South-west and South sides of the Factory One must Note that the North and east should be avoided, for constructing overhead tanks.
  • Heavy Plant and machinery is Best if  installed in south, west or south-west in the factory.
  • Raw materials storage, whether inside factory or sheds outside, should be in south or west or south-west.
  • As per Vastu , Finished products are to be kept in the north-west corner. It will help for quick movement of the stocks.
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SIMPLE VASTU REMEDIES by Vastu Expert – Amit Lamba


  • If some river or drain is flowing in a direction other than the north-east direction of the house and has anti – clock movement, then it is advised to place a statue of dancing Ganeshji facing the west on the north-east corner of the house.
  • If the boring has taken place in the wrong direction in a house or a factory, then it is advised to place a picture of Panchmukhi Hanumanji, facing South-West to the boring.
  • If a naked wall is seen while entering into a flat, then either a picture or a statue of Lord Ganeshji should be placed there. The naked wall is the sign of loneliness. Hence, the wall should not be kept naked.
  • If high voltage overhead wires pass over a house, then a plastic pipe filled with lime should be erected from one corner to the other of the affected area in such a manner that its both ends should remain outside by at least three feet each. This will eliminate the evil effects of energy being generated out of the overhead wire.
  • In certain cases, energy circles can be improved by using Various Siddha Yantras . But, this requires a lot of care. This should be handled under the supervision of an able Vastu Consultant.

    Vastu Yantra
  • Light a lamp daily evening near waterpot in the house.
  • VASTU Pyramids are used very effectively in Vastu they are the source, which helps to energize and work as a channel for positive cosmic energy. They help in enhancing energy Different requirements have different Vastu Pyramids based on their direction and Need.
    • pyramid-white
      Vastu Pyramids

      Placing Different Directional pyramids in all the 4 corners of your room can energize the room by providing good energy flow which helps to transform your life positively and helps creates coordination and removes personal conflicts.

    • Having a Sheng Chi pyramid on your office table can help remove negativity and channelize positive energy flow thus improving the ambience and providing growth and prosperity.
  • crystalCrystals and birth stones attract pure energy and can be used as cures and remedies for various problems. They are very effective for wealth generation and charging relationships in your life.

Amit Lamba is Mumbais Best Vastu Expert . You can also contact me for Crystal therapy and Original Vastu ( Feng-Shui) Crystals , Pyramids, Yantra’s  and Energy Stones.

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