Vastu Free Tips For Wealth and Abundance .

1) Cash Box / Locker – Placement of Locker as Per Vastu is Very Important as Locker Protects our Wealth . Thus as Per Vastu South West Side is the Best Placement for Locker or Cash Tijori and It Should Open Towards the North Direction.

2) Cash Box / Locker Should Never be Placed under a Beam as It Indicates Financial Stress .

3) Mirror Opposite the Cash Locker / Tojori is very Good Vastu as The Image of Locker Gets Reflected in the Mirror and Thus Symbolises Doubling of Wealth .

4) The Center of the House Should be Clutter Free and Clean as This is the Place of Brahma and is Called the Brahmasthan .

5) No Leaking Taps in the House , As Per Vastu Wastage of Water Leads to Wastage of Wealth Thus there Should be No Leaking Taps in the Kitchen or Toilet of the House.

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Vastu Tips For Wealth and Prosperity .

Vastu Tips For Wealth and Prosperity .

1) A North or East Door Attracts Immense Positive Energy , The Door Should be Well Designed and Entrance Should be Clutter Free .

2) Water Elements / Water Fountains / Paintings of Waterfall are Effective to Bring in Positive Energy All Items Related to Water are Considered Best in the North or East Wall.

3) Windchimes are Known to Attract Money to you Homes. Hanging Windchimes in the North is Very Effective . Windchimes Should be Hung Inside the House .

4) Money Plants – Money Plants Placed Inside the House in the North or North East are Known to Bring Prosperity in the House . Chinese Bamboo Plants in Water are Also very Effective .

4) Money Plants – Money Plants Placed Inside th House in the North or North East are Known to Bring Prosperity in the House . Chinese Bamboo Plants in Water are Also very Effective .

5) Clocks are always Moving Continuously and and according to Vastu, Help in energise a direction. Thus placing clocks in the north or northeast direction will bring wealth and prosperity. Slow or non-functional clocks symbolise delays or a stagnation in your finances

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Vastu Rules for Wall Clock as Per Vastu Shastra

There are Certain Vastu Rules for Wall clock as per vastu is what most of us don’t pay any attention at all. We usually hang the clocks wherever we’d find it comfortable to look at them. Not for a second we give a thought about whether that location (or position) of clock is correct or not. Having said that, I must tell you that as per vastu shastra there’re rules and regulations that you need to take care while positioning wall clocks in your home or office.

Vastu Tips for Wall Clock in House .

As Per Vastu Clock Plays an Important Role in the House . Thus Having a Correct Placement of Clock in the House is very Important .

There Should be No Broken or Inoperative Clocks in the House

All Wall Clocks Should be On East or North walls of the House.

East is the Direction of the Sun and Opertunities , Thus Clock on the East Wall Helps Attract Oppertunities .

Noth is the Direction of Kuber and Wealth Thus Clock on the North Walls Help Attract Wealth.

As Per Vastu and Feng Shui Pendulum clocks are Very Auspicious on the East Wall.

One Should Not Hang Clocks Above any Doors of the House .

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