Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen – PART TWO

Below are the Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen.

Its Always Recommended To Get Vastu Assessment Done from A Known vastu expert while constructing tor Doing the Interiors of the House . Many People Read on the Internet and Do Self Vastu of their Homes BUT theoretical VASTU Knowledge Cannot Substitute for Experience By reading books of vastu we know only the important things that may be the essential factors, Its NOT Possible to Get Guidance for any Serious Vastu defects. Its always advisable to Get Vastu Done from an Experienced Vastu Consultant .

Below are the Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen.

The GAS should not be visible to the Guests Coming in the House as Per Vastu .

As Per Vastu Refrigerator can be placed on the West corner in the kitchen or Southwest corner, Never keep Refrigerator in North or Northeast corner.

While Eating Food Its Best to Face EAST or NORTH . Facing South While Eating FOOD is BAD .

Mixer / Blender is Best Recomended in the North West Section of the Kitchen.

Always Avoid BLACK AND DARK BLUE Colors in the Kitchen .

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Vastu Free Tips For Wealth and Abundance .

1) Cash Box / Locker – Placement of Locker as Per Vastu is Very Important as Locker Protects our Wealth . Thus as Per Vastu South West Side is the Best Placement for Locker or Cash Tijori and It Should Open Towards the North Direction.

2) Cash Box / Locker Should Never be Placed under a Beam as It Indicates Financial Stress .

3) Mirror Opposite the Cash Locker / Tojori is very Good Vastu as The Image of Locker Gets Reflected in the Mirror and Thus Symbolises Doubling of Wealth .

4) The Center of the House Should be Clutter Free and Clean as This is the Place of Brahma and is Called the Brahmasthan .

5) No Leaking Taps in the House , As Per Vastu Wastage of Water Leads to Wastage of Wealth Thus there Should be No Leaking Taps in the Kitchen or Toilet of the House.

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Vastu Tips For Wealth and Prosperity .

Vastu Tips For Wealth and Prosperity .

1) A North or East Door Attracts Immense Positive Energy , The Door Should be Well Designed and Entrance Should be Clutter Free .

2) Water Elements / Water Fountains / Paintings of Waterfall are Effective to Bring in Positive Energy All Items Related to Water are Considered Best in the North or East Wall.

3) Windchimes are Known to Attract Money to you Homes. Hanging Windchimes in the North is Very Effective . Windchimes Should be Hung Inside the House .

4) Money Plants – Money Plants Placed Inside the House in the North or North East are Known to Bring Prosperity in the House . Chinese Bamboo Plants in Water are Also very Effective .

4) Money Plants – Money Plants Placed Inside th House in the North or North East are Known to Bring Prosperity in the House . Chinese Bamboo Plants in Water are Also very Effective .

5) Clocks are always Moving Continuously and and according to Vastu, Help in energise a direction. Thus placing clocks in the north or northeast direction will bring wealth and prosperity. Slow or non-functional clocks symbolise delays or a stagnation in your finances

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Vastu Rules for Wall Clock as Per Vastu Shastra

There are Certain Vastu Rules for Wall clock as per vastu is what most of us don’t pay any attention at all. We usually hang the clocks wherever we’d find it comfortable to look at them. Not for a second we give a thought about whether that location (or position) of clock is correct or not. Having said that, I must tell you that as per vastu shastra there’re rules and regulations that you need to take care while positioning wall clocks in your home or office.

Vastu Tips for Wall Clock in House .

As Per Vastu Clock Plays an Important Role in the House . Thus Having a Correct Placement of Clock in the House is very Important .

There Should be No Broken or Inoperative Clocks in the House

All Wall Clocks Should be On East or North walls of the House.

East is the Direction of the Sun and Opertunities , Thus Clock on the East Wall Helps Attract Oppertunities .

Noth is the Direction of Kuber and Wealth Thus Clock on the North Walls Help Attract Wealth.

As Per Vastu and Feng Shui Pendulum clocks are Very Auspicious on the East Wall.

One Should Not Hang Clocks Above any Doors of the House .

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Vastu Tips for Main Door .

Vastu Tips for Main Door . Main Door is Extremely Important In Vastu and Thus I am Giving the Following Tips for Main Door as Per the Rules of Vastu.

Main door should be beautifully designed with Light Colors and Superior Quality Wood .

There Should me No Noise While Opening or Closing the Main door ,

The Main Door Should Open Easily without Appling Any Pressure .

There should not be any VEDHA or Obstruction Opposite the Main Door Like a Big Tree or a Pole .

There should not be any Stairs, Mirrors, Toilet Door or Shoe rack Opposite the Main Door If There is It Should be Covered with any Curtain or Blinds to Hide it .

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Vastu Free Tips for Kitchen – Part 1

Vastu Free Tips for Kitchen – Part 1 

Having a Kitchen build as per Proper Vastu is Very important as Proper Kitchen Means Good Food and good food is every individuals requirements and any house which prepares good and delicious food keeps the family together.

 Good Food is very  vital for growth and prosperity as it is said that “ THOSE WHO EAT HEALTHY ,  THINK AND WORK HEALTHY” 

 Kitchen is a place where a lady spends her maximum time so it should have comfortable and fresh feeling. GOOD KITCHEN is the symbol of good health and prosperity. With so much significance attached to our Kitchen we must make sure that our Kitchen is de-cluttered and organized in a proper Manner as per Vastu.

What’s the best placement of the kitchen you may ask?  As per the principles of Vastu Kitchen is best in the South east corner of your House.

why?  SOUTH EAST is the “Agni kone” as per Vastu Kitchen is ruled by Agni  therefore Kitchen in the Agni Kone or the South east is best recommended .

Nowadays as I go to Visit newly constructed Homes I find the size of Kitchen is getting smaller and smaller compared to building constructed 10 / 15 yrs back moreover you will be very surprised to know that in the earlier days kitchen were as big as any other room as in those days people would live in joint families and the whole family would eat together on the kitchen floor and the kitchen were big enough to accommodate 12-15 people or even more at the same time.

Now coming back to the present we have to understand that the best way to make use of the small Kitchen we nowadays have is to get it organized first.

Do u need so much unwanted stuff or furniture in the kitchen. NO firstly get rid of all unwanted stuff . Do not stock the kitchen or the refrigerator full. Give it some space o breath. Have some beautiful flower vase or a Painting of a garden / or fruits / Vegetable in the Kitchen You can also Have a bowl of Fruits displayed in the Kitchen  this lifts up the energy level in the kitchen . Always keep the stove clean after the cooking is over Clean burners Symbolize good health.  Do not Cook with your back towards the DOOR of the kitchen and if its not possible to change the position. Remember to Hang a mirror so that you can see the door without moving.

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The Brahmastan – Vastu Guidance

The Brahmastan –

Another significant element in a Vastu residence is the Brahamastan or central courtyard. In a grid of 9 x 9 it is the center nine units. It is the energy heart of the house. It is the lung of the house. This part of the house should always be left open and free of obstructing elements (pillars or walls) and mechanical services. It is best if this portion, at least, is directly in contact with the Earth. It is traditional, where climate permits, to leave the Brahmastan open to the sky so that the energetic space surrounding the Earth is attracted into the house. This provides the inmates of the house with beneficial spiritual energy.

Heavy objects like pillars, staircases, kitchen (fire place) in Brahmasthan disturb the equanimity and harmonization of vital elements in the house.

The energies coming from all directions converge at the center, be it a house or factory. These energies are essential for inhabitants of the house

Toilets and Bathroom should not be built at the centre of the house.
Kitchen at the center may have adverse effect on health.

If You want to enjoy riches, harmony and happiness, Brahmasthan should be left open and is free of obstructing objects.

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1) Pooja Room Should be in the North East of the House and Very Important , We Should Face East or North East While Doing Prayer.

2) Light a Small Til Oil Diya In the South East of the House .

3) Water Fountains or any Water Painting or Waterfall or River Painting Shoul be on the North Wall.

4) The Main Door Should Always Open Inside and in a Clock Wise Direction Allowing for Best Positive Vibes to Enter the House .

5) Always Keep the North East of Your Home and Each Room Very Empty This allows Positive Energy Flow in the House .

6) Heavy Cupboards or Almiras are Best Recommended to be Put in the South West of All Rooms.

7 ) Children’s Should face East Direction While Studying for Best Results .


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Vastu Shastra Tips for Builders Construction Companies.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Builders Construction Companies.

Vastu Shastra a Science practiced over the ages is technically a science of Flow of Energy and a Science of Structures and Construction. The Chinese have been using almost a similar Science but with a Different name “ FENG – SHUI”

At the Start of Civilization, Vastu was intended to Serve Residences only as in earlier times, there were no INDUSTRIES or FACTORIES.  But as time progressed research was conducted and Vastu was devised for Industries too.

In Today’s Times, with Construction activities in full boom around India and the Prices of properties Skyrocketing, Vastu Plays a very Important Role for Architects and Builders as well as for the Buyers of Properties, Today the Stakes are Very High for the Builders and Construction Companies as each project Runs into Hundreds of Crores and any Small delay or Obstacle makes the project Expensive and Delayed.

Over the Years I have been consulted by Numerous Builders and Developers who have faced various Problems in competition of their projects and I have observed great deal of Similarity in the Vastu Defects which leads to Project delays and Losses.




I Have come across many cases , where the Builders start the construction well but overtime the projects run into Disputes and litigation . Some of My Observation of the vastu defects are as Follows.


OBSERVATION 1 : Any Plot of Land when divided into 2 halves or triangles  , with an imaginarily line cutting them into 2 halves from North-west to South-East  . The Sun Section should always be Lower compared to the Moon Section. As per my Observation Plots which have a HIGHER SUN Section generally fall into litigation and Thus leading to delays and losses.

 EXPLANATION : Vastu is mentioned is a science of Flow of Energy , And there is a certain flow of Active energy from the North East and a passive Energy in the South-West , And when they Interact in a proper manner they Emit force or Prana leading to a Positive Environment or Vibrations . Therefore a Lower Sun Section means less Earth and More Energy, thus leading to prosperity.

 OBSERVATION 2 =  The South west or the “ NAIRUDHI”  section is one of the Most important sections  of any  plot , which plays a prominent role in the Stability of any project .

Some of the South West Defects. Leading to Projects Delays are mentioned below .

As per My observation , Projects which are Started on Lands which has an Extended South-West Section  Most of the Times face Great deal of problems and delays Due to Workers Unrest and Delays and litigation are also caused due to the problems created by Local persons , living round the project. Who Create problems and Thus leading into Court cases, Delays  and Litigation.

Similarly Factories or Bungalows Being Constructed as Shown in the Picture , lead to the Same fate.

 OBSERVATION 2 = Water Bodies like  Ponds, Wells play a major Role in affecting the vastu of Any project .

Water Bodies in the South or South West is Extremely Bad .

Water Bodies as Shown in the Picture in the South-West of any Plot Also lead to litigation and Unavoidable and Needless Controversies for the Promoters of the Project.

Also if there is a Sewage Pipeline in the South or the West of Plot and Water is made to Exit from the SOUTH WEST of the Plot or the Building or a Factory , Creates a Bad Atmosphere for Work among the Promoters or partners leading to Infighting and Legal Disputes .

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Vastu Rules for children bedroom

Vastu Rules for children bedroom

Vastu Expert Consultant Mumbai India
Vastu Expert Consultant Mumbai India

  • As per the Rules of Vastu The West Direction is the best direction for the Children’s Bedroom . For Girls of Marriageable Age north west is best Room for them .
  • As per the Rules of Vastu The door of children bedroom should be in the north or east section of the Room.
  • The Bed Should be Placed Such that the Head Should be in the South Direction or the East Direction . The Best Should be Placed in the south west corner or south or west corner of the Room .
  • Best Position for Cupboards and cabinets is the south or west direction .
  • The North East Should be Mostly Empty . Only the Study Table is Best Recommended for Keeping here in the North East Side . Chickren Should face EAST while Studying .
  • As per Vastu Computer and television act as Mirrors and Reflect negative Energy Thus they Should be covered when Not in Use .
  • As per Vastu Shastra Color play a very important role in affecting the  mood of a person Thus its Best Recommended to have Light Shades of Cream , Red or green color  for the children’s bedroom.

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