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Best Vastu Expert In Mumbai - Amit Lamba.

Mr Amit Lamba  among the top Vastu Shastra Expert in Mumbai ( Bombay ) -INDIA - He has been Practicing  Vastu Shastra for almost 13 years and has perfected the art of Vastu Shastra .  Amit Lamba is a Personal Vastu Expert to Leading Businessmen / Corporate and Industrialists and various Personalities from the Glamour and Film Industry in Mumbai and all over India . VASTU REMEDIES EXPERT - Amit Lamba has also perfected the art of Vastu remedies and has successfully eliminated Vastu Defects in Homes Offices and Factories with the Help of Proper Gemstones Yantras , Crystals etc  thus Helping his clients lead highly Successful and Prosperous Lives.  After Assessment of any Property for the Vastu Defects , Mr Amit lamba Uses Simple and Inexpensive Vastu Remedies Like Vastu Yantras , Vastu Gemstones and Vastu Pyramids and many other Related Vastu Remedies thus helping people with fast Results and helping them lead prosperous lives. Amit Lamba Travels All Over Mumbai and All over India for Vastu Consultations .

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Vastu Elements , Vastu Shatsra Expert Mumbai , 5 elements of Nature , Fir , Air , Earth Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture that combines with the Directions along with the 5 elements of nature namely Fire , Water , Earth , Air and Sky Element to create a Positive Environment and helps enhance the life of persons living in such an environment It can also be called a Science of Nature.

With the Help of Proper Vastu Shastra One can create a harmonious environment to work and Prosper  at home office / Factory or any Place or piece of land .

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science of Building and Designing your Home or Office in accordance with the natural forces of nature in order to provide you with a good life health, wealth, prosperity and happiness to all persons living and working in a Vastu compliant home or office .

The Effects of the 5 elements of Nature as Per Vastu Shastra are mentioned as Below.

Fire : Solar Energy / Light and Heat.
Air : Air and Wind energy
Earth : Magnetic field or Gravitational force of the earth
Water : Water Energy / Rivers Ponds etc.
Space : Cosmic radiation

MUMBAI CITY -   Take the example of Mumbai city. On its South-East side (Agni Kone ) BARC atomic power plant is located which is in conformity to the principles of VASTU and in the direction of North-East is the body of water which is also perfect according to Vastu Shastra thus making Mumbai a very prosperous city and India’s Financial Capital.


Vastu Shastra can be very well  used for gardens as well.
A well-planned garden around your house enhances the aesthetic beauty and contributes very well to energize the environment.

The Following General Rules have to be applied in order to create a Vastu Compliant garden:

1)      In Any Plot or Bungalow the garden should only be developed  in the North or the East Side of the Plot.

2)      Within the garden The Tall trees should be planted as close to the west or south so that  Sunlight should  freely enter the Plot as the morning rays of the SUN emit  Rays which are extremely beneficial and positively charged and are known to kill all bacteria.

3)      Water feature or a small pond is very beneficial in the North of the garden.

4)      South west levels of the Garden should be Higher and Heavy , You can design a small Rock Garden or Any heavy Artifacts can be placed here .

5)      No cactus Plants should be planted in the House. This affects Relationships and may also give rise to health problems.

6)      A Basil ( TULSI ) plant is very Auspicious in  the Garden. 



Given below are simple Vastu Rules & Vastu Expert Tips of proper arrangement in the House.

  Beds: The bed is best placed towards the southwest of the bedroom room. Please Note that you should not stick it towards the south-west corner , Leave some space in the South-west . Also Its is best recommended to sleep you’re your head towards the south for sound sleep and better health.

  Wardrobe : Wardrobe is best placed in the south or the west side of the room.If cash & valuables are kept in the Wardrobe such a Wardrobe is best in the South which opens towards the North this is ensure Abundance cash flow in the House .

  Mirrors: The best placement of Mirrors is on the north and east walls. There Should not be any Mirrors Opposite the beds in the bedrooms. This leads to Health problems and also creates a situation of an Intrution of a third person in a couples life.

  Study Table / Computers  A study table can be placed in the North East or West portion of the Room and one should always face towards the east while studying.

  Sofa or Couch Placement  : Sofas or Couches should always be kept in the south and west of the living room and One should be facing North or East direction while sitting .

  Dining Table: Dining Table can be placed in the north west of the kitchen or the Living Room . One Should always face the East ot North while eating .

  Shoe Racks: All shoes and footwear are best placed in the North – West of the Living Room. Do not move with Shoes all around the House.

  Fish Tanks or Water Fountain : Never keep fountains and fish tanks in bedroom.

  Electronics Appliances / Lanterns or Lamps : Any type of lamps / lanterns  must be placed in the southeast of the Bedroom room , In case of the Kitchen one Should place the Ovens / Gas Burner as close to the   the South east portion of the Kichen as possible . Fridge should be placed in the northwest or South West portion of the Kitchen .

  Paintings and Statues: . As per the science of Vastu one can hang  Scenery paintings this bestows mental peace . Paintings showing violence / Tigers , Paintings which are difficult to understand should be avoided Also Avoid keeping heavy statues in the northeast corner of the room. Paintings depicting scenes of Mahabharata should be avoided. Avoid keeping statues of gods in bedrooms.

  Plants in The House: As per Vastu any thorny plants like cactus or Rose plants should never be kept in the house. Avoid plants in the bedroom close to the bed and Avoid plants in the northeast corner of the house. Do Not have any Hanging Pots s along the north and east windows of the house.



  • Main roads towards east, north or north-east are advisable with wide gates on two sides.
  • Gates in north-east or east or north or north-west are recommended
  • Guard room should be either on north-west side of north gate of southeast side of east-gate.
  • Minimum space should be kept in south and west where big trees could be grown. More open space should be left in north and east where lawns and other greenery can be grown.
  • The floor levels in south-west must be higher than other sides and height of the building also must be higher than all the other corners. Care has to be taken to have the store rooms in south-west fully loaded with stocks to the extent possible As and when the stocks are consumed they should be replaced immediately.
  • Car parking may be provided in north-west if open area is available. For light vehicles north east also could be used.
  • Administrative Officers are to be located either in north or east, away from boundary walls with less height than the main factory. Here special care has to be taken in keeping north east corner open.
  • Staff quarters may be constructed in south-east and north-west. If quarters are multi-storied and if the height is more than that of main factory, they should be constructed in south-west without touching the main premises.
  • Toilets should be placed in north-west or south-eastern part of the buildings, and not in north-east or south-west.
  • Wells, bore wells, water sumps and water ponds etc... should be in the north-eastern area.
  • Over head tanks may be erected in west and nearby, duly maintaining the heights. South-west and north-east sides including north and east should be avoided, for constructing overhead tanks. This is a bit controversial subject and hence one should be very careful in locating the overhead tanks and also the water tanks above the ground level.
  • Heavy machinery has to be installed in south, west or south-west in the factory.
  • Raw materials storage, whether inside factory or sheds outside, should be in south or west or south-west.
  • Products under process or unfinished goods may be kept in west direction.
  • Finished products are to be kept in the north-west corner. It will help for quick movement of the stocks.
  • Weighing machine may be located near the gate either in north or east because that area is not subjected to permanent weight. Transformers, generators, motors, boilers, furnaces, oil engines should be kept in south-east or close to south-east.

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